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Advertise with us
Why Advertise?
  • Increase your potential sales.
  • Attract many more people to your business.
  • Raise your brand awareness and online presence.
  • Take advantage of the Spatrek user base.
  • Access to your target market.
  • Cost effective easy "Do It Yourself" instant advertising.
How to Advertise?

Available through our Platinum and gold account listings. To get listed click here

Click on the Advertise Tab, this will take you through to a form where you can enter the details of your Hot Deal, including text and photo/logo. If you only enter text a default picture will appear next your deal. This ad will appear on the website Hot deals page and Iphone app (when available).

How much will it cost?

It will cost 10% of the total deal you advertise, if you have a deal that is $49 it will cost $4.90 to advertise. This cost will automatically be calculated when you have completed the form and will then transfer you to PayPal for payment. After payment is completed your Ad will upload to the Hot Deals page. The advertisement will be active for one month.


If you have products you would like to sell through the shop please contact us